There are presently no open calls for submissions.

March 1- April 15, 2018:
Call for Submissions for WORDPEACE, a semi-annual online journal of literary response to world events. Poetry, short fiction, non-fiction essays and visual art are welcome.

General Submission Guidelines:

We are looking for previously unpublished poems, stories, CNF essays, personal essays, visual art, reviews and interviews that reflect or are in conversation with world events. We want work which asks for positive change, critiques the status quo, is forward thinking, and takes a stand in the face of corruption and greed, brutality, xenophobia, homophobia, prejudice, genocide and oligarchy. 

Lori Desrosiers, Managing Editor, Publisher 
Ciona Rouse, Poetry Editor
Lisa C. Taylor, Fiction and Non-Fiction Editor
Monica Barron, Non-Fiction Editor